Definitions and references in documents

When viewing the information that is held in the Building Regulations Approved Documents, there are various features held with the sections.


The Approved Documents define many specialised words and phrases. NBS Building Regulations will display the definition of a word or phrase on request.

Definitions are displayed as green links in the documents.

A definition link

To display the definition, click on the link (your mouse will change to a hand), the definition will then appear in the document. A second mouse click will hide the definition.

An expanded definition

Reference Documents

The Approved Documents make references to many other documents and these references are indicated with a blue link. Clicking on the link (your mouse will change to a hand) will display the full title of the referenced document, on a green background, prefixed by the words "CIS link". Subscribers to the RIBA.IHSti Construction Information Service will be able to click on the words "CIS link" to access a pdf of the referenced document on the RIBA.IHSti Construction Information Service website. A second click on the green link will hide the referenced document title.

A reference link

An expanded reference link

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