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Protection of river and canal banks

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Protection of river and canal banks, 1989



London, UK, CIRIA


Gives guidance on methods of protecting the banks of rivers, canals and drains against natural and man-made causes of erosion and provides the practising engineer with a framework for the selection and design of a scheme for bank protection. The book explains the various erosion processes which affect the integrity of an unprotected bank and sets out the procedure for the site survey and preliminary design studies leading to the selection of the preferred methods of bank protection. It reviews the effectiveness of methods using both naturally-occurring and manufactured engineering materials, taking account of engineering, environmental and economic factors. Detailed design information is given in four sections dealing with general aspects such as toe protection; natural materials, including grass, reeds, willows and timber; vertical walls, comprising gravity and sheet piled structures: revetments ranging from loose stone to concrete or masonry structures.

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Canals and river works

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