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RIBA Product Selector

RIBA Product Selector

RIBA Product Selector is a definitive resource to research, find and select construction product and service information for all types of building design projects.

RIBA Product Selector Directory – 2014 Edition

RIBA Product Selector is the only comprehensive printed directory of building products in the UK. Free to receive, it now incorporates the CPD Directory in a single volume.

The new and meticulously updated 2014 edition references over 10,000 manufacturers, 25,000+ trade names, 1,000 advisory organisations and over 550 RIBA accredited CPD Providers.

RIBA Product Selector 2014 is designed for quick, effective referencing, and this year it features a new flexible cover as well as a redesigned index.

  • Find manufacturers' names and contact details
  • Locate the right product for your project
  • Access manufacturers' guidance
  • Get to the CPD Provider you need
  • Locate advisory organisations
  • Access the RIBA Core Curriculum
  • Easily locate other relevant information sources.


Visit www.ribaproductselector.com to find, locate and select construction product information online:

  • Link to over 9,000 product manufacturers, material suppliers and service organisations
  • Advanced search functionality tailored to searching manufacturers products
  • Accurate, productive, relevant
  • Bookmark manufacturer pages, products and contact details
  • Constantly updated with the latest products on a weekly basis

Browse through our extensive subject categories

Search building categories:

  1. Building systems
  2. Substructure
  3. Structure
  4. Finishes
  5. Services
  6. Fittings
  7. External works
  8. General products
  9. Special activities, requirements
  10. Engineering

Search Building Services Engineering categories

  1. Furniture/equipment
  2. Disposal systems
  3. Piped supply systems
  4. Mechanical heating, cooling and refrigeration
  5. Ventilation and air conditioning
  6. Electrical systems
  7. Communications, security, safety and protection systems
  8. Transport
  9. General engineering services


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