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Building Regulation compliance is an essential part of the building design process in the UK. Ensuring your building designs and projects adhere to the correct legislation can be a time consuming and challenging task.

Subscribing to NBS Building Regulations helps you locate and reference up to date guidance saving you time and effort reading the relevant legislation for your building projects, helping to ensure your designs are accurate and compiled to the latest and most relevant standards.

Your subscription includes the Approved Documents, Guides to the Building Regulations and much more.

  • 24/7 access

    The latest Approved Documents, Technical Handbooks and guides relating to the Building Regulations across the UK, from one central location.

  • Easy to reference, quick to search

    All technical standards and documents are presented in short manageable chunks, allowing you to quickly browse, search and locate relevant guidance and easily reference back to original documents.

  • Save time

    Search across documents relevant to your project type. Search by keywords, or key-phrase, to find content related to your building projects.

  • A vast library of related legislation guidance

    All Approved Documents reference British Standards, Codes and other technical documents .You can also access an archive of historic standards ensuring you accurately refer back to superseded or obsolete documents.

  • Helpful design tips and guidance

    NBS Shortcuts and Guides to the Approved Documents - These essential guides are included as part of your subscription and help building designers navigate the minefield of regulations, new materials and technology.

  • Direct links to NBS

    Subscribers to NBS specification software benefit from direct links to NBS Building Regulations from NBS guidance guaranteeing that the most up to date information is on hand to use within your specifications.

  • What standards and regulations are covered

    As well as providing access to the Building Regulations Approved Documents for England and Wales, Scottish Technical Handbooks and the Northern Ireland Technical Handbooks, NBS Building Regulations also gives you other supporting information including NBS Shortcuts, summaries of key related documents and an archive of superseded documents.

  • Subscribe online from only £320 (excl VAT)

    Subscribe to NBS Building Regulations online to guarantee that your practice or organisation, will always have access to the latest documents, no matter how many times they change.

    Pay online using our safe and fully secure online payment facility or contact us.


  • 24/7 access
  • Easy to reference, quick to search
  • Regular updates
  • Full UK coverage, England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Supporting government publications and guides
  • Direct links to vast reference library, including British Standards & euronorms
  • How-to design tips from NBS Shortcuts
  • Historic documents archive
  • Direct links from NBS Specification software
  • read more

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