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Approved Document B1

Fire safety - Volume 1 Dwellinghouses (2006 edition incorporating 2010, 2016 and 2020 amendments)


Provides practical guidance for complying with building regulations on matters relating to materials and workmanship with examples and solutions for different building situations. Approved document B1 deals with fire safety in dwellinghouses and covers: Sections B1 - Means of warning and escape, B2 - Internal fire spread (linings), B3 - Internal fire spread (structure), B4 - External fire spread and B5 - Access and facilities for the fire and rescue service. Approved Document B (fire safety) has been published in two volumes. Volume 1 deals with dwellinghouses and Volume 2 deals with all other types of building covered by the Building Regulations. Where very large (over 18m in height) or unusual dwellinghouses are proposed some of the guidance in Volume 2 may be needed to supplement that given by Volume 1.

Document History

This Approved Document supports the requirements of Part B of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations 2010. The 2020 amendments to the Approved Document incorporate the following changes: i. Amendments to Appendix A (Performance of materials, products and structures). The Approved Document has been amended to strengthen the provisions for assessments in lieu of fire tests. The requirements take effect on 31 December 2020. The 2016 edition will continue to apply to work started before 31 December 2020, or to work subject to a building notice, full plans application or initial notice submitted before 31 December 2020. ii. The incorporation of the changes to the approved document included with circular WGC 003/2020 amendment slip. The amendment slip change relates to the definition of an external wall in Appendix E. The change made within the circular WGC 003/2020 came into force on the 13 January 2020.

Year of publication: 2010

Pages: 135

ISBN: 9781473441293

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