A House in the City

What makes a great house in the city? This book examines what has worked well in some of the most successful housing types across the world – from old to new, high rise to low rise, innovative to conventional. The authors critically examine significant elements of urban housing design – adaptability and flexibility, construction and sustainability, space and light, appearance and threshold, density and urban form.

The book concludes by proposing a pioneering approach to the design of a city house, which incorporates the learning from this international survey, and by describing the creation of a classic family home in London; one that can adapt to changing needs of a turbulent world.

Illustrated with aerial views, plans, sections and photographs, this book will be of interest to all those who are striving to deliver high quality urban housing for the 21st century, including architects, planners and developers, but also to non-professional readers who are fascinated by houses and by house design.

Case studies