BIM is redefining the construction industry and creating opportunities for manufacturers.

NBS National BIM Library is a trusted and expert consultative service that authors and hosts manufacturers’ product information as BIM objects. The fastest-growing source of BIM content in the UK, it places your products directly in front of thousands of construction professionals at the time of specification.

What can we do for you?

Create BIM objects for youCreate BIM objects for you

Our technical experts can author your product information as BIM objects and host them on the library.

Certify and host your existing objectsCertify and host your existing objects

If you already have your own BIM objects, we can assess them to certify that they meet the requirements of the International BIM Object Standard and then host them on the library.

 Help you create your own contentHelp you create your own content

We have detailed guidance to help you create your own BIM objects that meet the International BIM Object Standard.

Helping you extend the reach of your BIM objects

All BIM objects on NBS National BIM Library are fully integrated into our unique BIM workflow and seen by designers working across the project timeline:

  • Creating specifications using NBS Create
  • Designing via Autodesk Revit and ArchiCAD
  • Researching product information on
  • Using the NBS BIM Toolkit to deliver projects that meet BIM Level 2 requirements

Supporting your BIM journey

  • We maintain and update your objects, guaranteeing the currency of your data and ensuring your objects meet the latest version of the NBS BIM Object Standard
  • We provide a free sync tool so you can display your BIM objects on your own website too and increase their visibility to designers
  • We’ve developed an interactive analytics portal so you can keep track of your downloads from both the NBS National BIM Library and your own website
  • We have a dedicated customer service team to help with any queries

Our BIM object authoring service

Our expert technical authors will create geometry and data from your product information that matches the requirements of the NBS BIM Object Standard. Information contained within a BIM object includes details of performance, maintenance, acoustics, fire rating and much more. All we need from you is:

  • Your product information
  • Your technical data sheets
  • Your CAD drawings

The service is straightforward and we will keep you up to date every step of the way.

Our BIM object certification and hosting service

BIM-Cert_100If you have already got your own BIM objects or decide to create them using our free resources, our BIM experts will review those objects and certify that they meet the requirements of the NBS BIM Object Standard.

We give every NBS-certified BIM object a certificate of compliance, which provides instant reassurance to you and your customers that your objects meet our guidelines. The process for certification and hosting is straightforward – simply supply your BIM objects and our technical authors will review them and provide any guidance and support required to bring them in line with the NBS BIM Object Standard.

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NBS BIM Toolkit

The NBS BIM Toolkit is a free-to-use online tool to help the UK construction industry work to Level 2 BIM. As a subscriber to the NBS National BIM Library your BIM objects will be integrated into the Toolkit where they can be accessed by thousands of specifiers working on BIM projects.

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Next steps

To find out more about how to convert your products to BIM objects using the NBS authoring service, our certification ad hosting service, or the NBS BIM Toolkit: