This page provides examples of how the NBS BIM Toolkit has helped to deliver BIM Level 2 on projects in the education sector. We'll be adding more case studies to this page in the coming months.

Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council externallinkworked with NBS and PCSG externallinkto develop a digital plan of work that will be used as a template for their new build secondary schools.

An early artists' impression of the Lytham School

The team at Manchester considered the information requirements specific to their organisation and also to the specific asset type of a school. This exercise was undertaken examining both the ‘plain language questions’ of the stakeholders and the ‘lessons learned’ from many similar previous projects.

The template was specific to a typical secondary school and considered:

  • The key tasks that the project team must undertake on projects such as assessing pupil admission numbers and undertaking consultation with the public;
  • The types of spaces that form the building such as assembly halls and classrooms; and
  • The types of systems that form the building such as cladding systems and heating systems.

When working on a specific school project, this digital plan of work was exported to form part of the employer’s information requirements. The project team then built on this information to develop the delivery plan and then into the design and specification process.

A digital plan of work (DPOW) file for education projects is now available for use in the NBS BIM Toolkit and can be accessed from the new project wizard.

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You can find out more about how NBS and Manchester City Council worked together on the project in our full case study.   

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