Construction Information Service

The Construction Information Service comes with a Core Supplement as standard plus a choice of an additional six supplements to suit your requirements.

Core Supplement

Where possible The Construction Information Service Core includes key documents cited in the UK Building Regulations Approved Documents, key technical standards and booklets including:

  1. Documents critical to the design, detailing and construction of popular building types and civil engineering
  2. Basic construction management, regulatory and contract documents
  3. Health and safety, legal, design guidance and good practice information
  4. The management of healthcare premises publications
  5. Sustainability documents
  6. Critical publications and information from industry partners
  7. Complete Eurocode documentation

Building Supplement

Focused on the particular information needs of building control, architects and architectural technologists, builders and contractors, volume house builders, landscape architects, building maintenance managers and local authority technical departments, the supplement includes:

  1. Documents that assist complex building and landscape design
  2. Non-statutory guidance documents complementing those in the Core covering statutory aspects of design e.g. fire
  3. Building and energy conservation
  4. Critical publications and information from industry partners
  5. Building interior design

Construction Management Supplement

Produced in association with the CIOB to aid construction professionals for all types of construction projects including:

  1. Construction procurement
  2. Design management
  3. Managing construction quality
  4. Operational maintenance
  5. Contractual claims and disputes
  6. Project management
  7. Cost and value management
  8. Critical publications and information from industry partners

Mechanical and Electrical Supplement

Produced specifically for mechanical and electrical engineers, building services engineers, maintenance managers and technical staff from local authorities, providing detailed publications on:
  1. Building electrical services
  2. Heating, ventilating and air conditioning
  3. Energy production and distribution
  4. Building mechanical services
  5. Environmental impact
  6. Critical publications and information from industry partners

Sustainability, Environment, Development and Planning Supplement

The supplement provides critical publications and information from industry partners including guidance, legislation, circulars, advice notes and statistics for those involved in sustainable development and management, environmental planning, climate change, town and country planning, developing sustainable communities and/or conservation. Topics covered include:

  1. The sustainable built environment
  2. Placemaking
  3. Open space, biodiversity and sustainable landscape
  4. Impacts of climate change
  5. Development control
  6. Spatial planning
  7. Policy
  8. Environmental planning and policy guidance
  9. Infrastructure and construction development

Civil and Structural Supplement

Providing detailed coverage of complex structural design, repair and maintenance for civil and structural engineers, contractors and design team members responsible for design and detailing, the supplement also covers:

  1. Advanced highway and bridge design and construction
  2. Complex groundwork
  3. Marine, coastal, river and flood engineering
  4. Advanced and innovative structural design and detailing
  5. Critical publications and information from industry partners

British Standards Extra Supplement

Covering the breadth of construction disciplines, including Core information areas. They are not critical for the majority of subscribers but it may be desirable to see them to eliminate from design and production operations.

They are managed intensively to balance demand and subject coverage of the Service as a whole. There is greater likelihood in this supplement that standards will be removed and replaced more frequently based upon usage.