Sample Specifications

NBS Create is designed to make it easy to collate the data you need to produce robust specifications that power your projects.

Start with systems, add product clauses, make informed decisions based on the continually updated NBS Guidance, and pull in manufacturer product information from NBS Plus.

The software draws on pre-written clauses for over 1,000 systems and 20,000 products, making it quicker and easier to assemble your specification.

Project Management Sections

Project Management relates to the processes and information requirements which apply to the whole of the project rather than specific parts; things like the participants, the description of the work, administration and management, completion, documents, and the form of contract to be used.

Together with the technical design requirements for the whole of the project, contained in NBS Create section 05-20-60, they represent what is traditionally called ‘Preliminaries’.

Since the Project Management sections are complementary with the Materials and Workmanship Specification, they must all be read in conjunction.

Download Project Management sample (1.65 MB)

Architectural Library

Doorset System

This specification covers one method of specifying a doorset system that could form a project specification. In this instance it was has been created with an education project in mind.

The doorset system specification has been completed with no performance requirements and then further information has been added by using NBS Plus manufacturers to include products to create a full specification for the Doorset system.

Window System

This specification covers one method of specifying a window system that could form a project specification. In this instance it has been created with a school project in mind.

The window system specification has been completed with performance requirements only and full product description of the window unit and any additional features required such as window sills and architraves set to ‘Contractor’s design’.

Download Architectural sample (2.06 MB)

Services Library


This specification relates to a low voltage distribution system and is an example of a traditionally designed scheme, whereby the designer/ specifier has assumed full responsibility for the design and has selected the appropriate products that when assembled in accordance with the included execution clauses, will deliver the desired system performance. In addition to the specification of appropriate products and execution clauses, requirements are also included relating to system completion, such that the contractor is expected to test, and commission the system to demonstrate that it meets the design intent. There are now 200 series clauses included within this particular specification, since the responsibility for the design rests solely with the designer/ specifier.

Download Electrical sample (1.50 MB)


This sample specification gives an illustration of how to use a number of different systems to describe one heating system with a number of different systems involved. The basic heating system is a low temperature hot water (LTHW) heating system with a gas fired boiler but there is also a ground source heat pump (GSHP) system providing an alternative heat source and an underfloor heating system operating at a lower temperature than the main LTHW heating system. There is also a system for describing the gas installation and another system for the controls. The project is on an existing site and involves some demolition and some new build, so the systems include descriptions of additional work to existing installations.

Download Mechanical sample (6.16 MB)

Structures Library

These specifications covers some typical requirements for piling system and pilecap and ground beam systems where the piling system is to be designed by a specialist piling contractor. The piling specification therefore largely comprises performance criteria with which the pile designer must comply. It also covers verification requirements to establish that the installed piling system is adequate to support the intended loadings and to resist settlement to within the stated limits. The pilecap and ground beam is more likely to be designed and therefore the specification is more descriptive (full) in terms of products and execution requirements.

Download Structure sample (2.09 MB)

Landscape Library

The flag and slab unbound paving system specification has been completed in full with details of products added by using NBS plus manufacturers. It covers the specification of a simple area of concrete flag paving, using two different colours of paving unit.

The system specification has been completed as a performance specification with products selected in a generic manner in order for the theoretical contractor to submit their design proposals. It covers the specification of a simple length of precast concrete road kerbs.

Download Landscape sample (1.96 MB)

NB: Each download is a .zip file comprising a commentary from the author of the system, example print outputs and .spex files. If you do not have an NBS Create subscription, you can still view .spex files in ‘Read Only’ mode with our free NBS Viewer tool.


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Sample Output

View a sample output from NBS Create featuring content from all four libraries.

Download sample output  download (.pdf, 1.6Mb)