NBS Landscape

NBS Landscape is a selection of NBS work sections with landscape preliminaries, including those for ICE Minor Works and JCLI Agreement for Landscape Maintenance Works. The product is intended for use on landscape and external works projects.


Clauses, guidance and product information are updated three times a year. All NBS updates are delivered online. If required, the content updates can also be supplied on CD. 


Preliminaries/general conditions within NBS Landscape

A10-A13 The project generally
A20 ICC Minor Works
Irish Short Public Works Contract for Civil Engineering and Building Works Designed by the Employer
JCT 2016 Framework Agreement
JCLI 2017 Landscape Works Contract
JCLI 2017 Landscape Works Contract with Contractor's Design
JCLI 2017 Scottish Landscape Maintenance Works Agreement
JCLI 2017 Scottish Landscape Works with Contractor's Design
JCLI 2017 Scottish Landscape Works Agreement
JCT 2016 Minor Works Building Contract
JCT 2016 Minor Works Building Contract with Contractor's Design
NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) Short Contract
SBCC Framework Agreement
SBCC 2016 Minor Works Building Contract (356)
SBCC 2016 Minor Works Building Contract with Contractor's Design

Work sections

Complete buildings/ structures/ units

B51 General structure requirements - landscape
B91 Buildings in the landscape

Existing site/ buildings/ services

C10 Site survey
C11 Site investigation
C20 Demolition


D20 Excavating and filling
D41 Crib walls/ Gabions/ Drystack masonry

In situ concrete/ large precast concrete

E10 Mixing/ Casting/ Curing in situ concrete
E20 Formwork for in situ concrete
E30 Reinforcement for in situ concrete
E40 Designed joints for in situ concrete
E41 Worked finishes to in situ concrete


F10 Brick/ Block walling
F20 Natural stone rubble walling
F21 Natural stone/ ashlar walling/ dressings
F22 Cast stone ashlar walling/ dressings
F30 Accessories/ Sundry items for brick/ block/ stone walling
F31 Precast concrete sills/ lintels/ copings/ features

Structural/ carcassing metal/ timber

G12 Isolated structural metal members
G20 Carpentry/ Timber framing/ First fixing


J10 Cementitious mortar tanking/ damp proofing
J30 Liquid applied tanking/ damp proofing
J40 Flexible sheet waterproofing/ damp proofing
J44 Sheet linings for pools/ lakes/ waterways

Windows/ Doors/ Stairs

L37 External, stair, ramp, handrail and blustrade systems

Surface finishes

M20 Plastered/ Rendered/ Roughcast coatings
M40 Stone/ Concrete/ Quarry/ Ceramic tiling/ Mosaic
M60 Painting/ Clear finishing

Furniture/ equipment

N16 Bird and vermin control systems
N91 External signage and interpretation

Building Fabric Sundries

P30 Trenches/ Pipeways/ Pits for buried engineering services

Paving/ planting/ fencing/ site furniture

Q05 Biodiversity, habitat creation and species protection
Q10 Kerbs/ Edgings/ Channels/ Paving accessories
Q20 Granular sub-bases to roads/ pavings
Q21 In situ concrete roads/ pavings/ bases
Q22 Asphalt roads/ pavings
Q23 Gravel/ Hoggin/ Woodchip roads/ pavings
Q24 Interlocking brick/ block roads/ pavings
Q25 Slab/ Brick/ Sett/ Cobble pavings
Q26 Special surfacings/ pavings for sport/ general amenity
Q28 Topsoil and growing media
Q30 Seeding/ Turfing
Q31 External planting
Q32 Internal and artificial planting
Q35 Landscape maintenance
Q37 Green roofs
Q40 Fencing
Q41 Barriers/ Guardrails
Q50 Site/ Street furniture/ equipment
Q52 Play and sports equipment
Q55 External decks and boardwalks

Disposal Systems

R12 Drainage below ground
R13 Land drainage

Piped Supply Systems

S14 Irrigation
S15 Fountains and water features
S17 Water reclamation systems

Electrical supply/ power/ lighting systems

V91 Electrical systems - landscape

Building fabric reference specification

Z10 Purpose made joinery
Z11 Purpose made metalwork
Z12 Preservative/ Fire retardant treatment
Z20 Fixings/ Adhesives
Z21 Mortars
Z22 Sealants
Z31 Powder coatings

Contents subject to change without notice.

NBS by definition is the UK national building specification. Content and guidance in our products is based on UK Building Regulations, Legislation and Building Contracts. However, as the UK is a member of the EU, we have to adopt European Standards in a BS EN format. Up to 70% of Standards quoted in NBS are now in BS EN format.