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NBS Research comprises a team of experienced research professionals, with a track record in the built environment and beyond. Most of us are Market Research Society (MRS) members and we always adhere to its Code of Conduct. We have quantitative specialists, qualitative research experts and market analysts.



Adrian Malleson, MSc, BA (Hons), MMRS, Head of Research

With over ten years’ experience in the construction industry, Adrian has carried out a range of research within the sector, publishing a number of industry reports, including the NBS National BIM Report, the NBS Sustainability Survey, and the National Construction Contracts and Law Report. Leading a specialist research team, he has also carried out a number of research projects for construction product manufacturers, leading software vendors and for the UK Government as well as for the RIBA and NBS.

In collaboration with BSI, Adrian has led a UK Innovate project into the persistent identification of construction products and is a member of the ISO/TC 59 Task Group on digital IDs and the BSI CB/003 Construction Products Committee.

He is chair of the RIBA NBS Economics Panel, and a regular contributor to the RIBA Journal and other professional publications.

Adrian has also worked extensively with UN Habitat and the Foreign and Commonwealth office to deliver the UK Government’s Future Cities Programme.



David Bain, BSc (Hons), DipM, CMRS, Research Manager

David has over 15 years’ experience in research and marketing, eight of those at NBS. He has designed, led and carried out market research for the UK Government, construction product manufacturers, housing associations, Microsoft, NBS, and the RIBA. Outside the built environment, he has delivered research for the NHS, universities, and charities.

Projects include studies into the adoption of digital technologies in architecture, architects’ preferences for BIM information, practice resilience in the wake of Brexit, how architects like to do CPD and the usability of the Building Regulations Approved Documents. He has also carried out research to inform product development, branding, pricing, and communications.



Jenny Dobson, BA (Hons), CMRS, Market Research Co-ordinator

Jenny has 11 years’ experience in market research, four of those at NBS. She specialises in quantitative research and has experience in other areas including in-depth telephone interviews and competitor analysis. Projects at NBS have included the the What Specifiers Want report, NBS Specification Survey, the NBS National BIM Survey, and the RIBA Appointments Skills Survey. She has also carried out a number of research projects for the UK government, construction product manufacturers, the RIBA and NBS.

Outside the built environment, she has delivered research for the public sector including supervising Northumbria Police Consultation team’s telephone interviews. This research has included that used to inform service delivery improvements and marketing campaign evaluation.



Lynda Thompson, BA, CMRS, Customer Research Co-ordinator

Lynda joined NBS in 2000 and has 11 years’ experience in market research; previously she worked in the software support, training and research & development teams at NBS. Lynda specialises in qualitative research, as well as carrying out in depth interviews and focus groups she manages the NBS Advisory Panel. She has designed, led and carried out qualitative market research for NBS as well as for the UK Government, construction product manufacturers and the RIBA.

Lynda has wide experience of NBS products and their users and advocates putting customer research at the heart of the development of products and services. She also liaises with the joint venture RIBA/NBS Economic Panel and sits on the board of the Constructing Excellence in the North East Club Steering Group.


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The Advisory Panel is a group of about 30 built environment professionals brought together by NBS. We consult with the Panel to discuss the current issues facing the industry and deepen our understanding of how technical information is used in design and construction.
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