Understanding our customers

We consult our customers on a continual basis. So, whether you are a designer, specifier or manufacturer, we use the feedback from this research to make sure we prioritise the developments and service improvements that are most important to you.

We welcome your feedback at any time and you can get involved in different ways. These include surveys that we run every year and our Advisory Panel. You can also provide feedback directly to our Customer Services Team.


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The Advisory Panel is a group of about 30 built environment professionals brought together by NBS. We consult with the Panel to discuss the current issues facing the industry and deepen our understanding of how technical information is used in design and construction.
NBS Research provides specialist research to the design and construction industries. Whether you design buildings, supply components, or support the industry through regulation and guidance, we can help you understand this market better, so you can make better decisions.
See our articles and reports on subjects like new technologies, building regulations, product information, politics and economics.