NBS release 3 major library updates per year. The major updates are downloadable from Downloads

Please note: to install any software updates you should be logged into Microsoft Windows as someone with administrator rights and no one should be using the software.

More Information

Downloading and Installing the Update

  1. Login in to the computer and NBS as an administrator (default NBS username and password are both administrator).

    KB10114 Login Window

  2. Go to Help > About NBS [product name]... > Lib Path – make a note of this path.

  3. On the bottom right click on library and software update available > view update (alternatively got to Tools > Check for updates…) > click on ‘OK’ on the pop up window and it will take you to our website.


  4. Click on download (the default save location is the downloads folder unless changed).

  5. Please follow the appropriate installation guide here.