When using NBS Plus, you have the option to add products into NBS Create specifications directly via an “Add Product” and “Add To Job”.

For more about adding manufacturer products from NBS Plus see Module 12 of the NBS Create eLearning

However there are scenarios in which one, or both buttons will be greyed out.

CR0024 Add to Job Greyed out 1

More information – Add product

The “Add Product” button will only be active when your cursor is inside a product clause. This does not have to be the same product clause linked to the NBS Plus product page.

Solution – Add Product

Since the Add Product button needs a product clause, you should add one to a system as normal and make sure the product clause is selected (your mouse cursor needs to be inside the clause). At this point, the Add Product button will be available.

Should you wish to bring in a product clause not related to the system, you can use the As Clause feature. Once done, you can select the product clause, browse to the NBS Plus product and add it via the Add Product button.

The video below details the As Clause feature:

More information – Add To Job

NBS Plus products are added into specifications via product clauses. These then must sit within Systems. Each NBS Plus product has an associated product clause.

When you add a product via “Add To Job”, the program first adds the product clause into the relevant system, then populates the product clause with the NBS Plus product you selected. It does this by looking at a suggested list of systems for that product clause, and prompts you to add the system if it does not exist in your spec already. In the case where there are multiple valid systems, the program will ask you to pick one.

The button can be greyed out if the product clause does not have an associated system within the software.

Solution – Add To Job

The solution to this issue is to manually add the relevant product clause to a system of your choosing – this will then allow you to use the “Add Product” option in NBS Plus.

This is done via the As Clause function.

First we must locate the product clause to add, which can be found at the top of the NBS Plus product page.

CR0024 Add to Job Greyed out 2

Once we have established which clause to add, we can then use As Clause to bring it in. Once the product clause exists, click inside it and use the "Add Product" button to add the NBS Plus product in as desired.