There will be times where the NBS clauses must be supplemented with user created clauses. For example, you may wish to create an unusual item specific to the project, which is not covered by NBS. 

To create a new user clause the following procedure is used:

From the main menu, select Insert > Create New. The Create New box will appear. Alternatively, you can right-click in the section editor and select New Clause. The Create New box will appear. This dialogue box will show the work section number and the proposed new clause number. The number can be altered to suit the needs of the project or office standard.


You can renumber the clause and change the clause title as appropriate, taking note that the clause title will always be in capitals. A decision on the clause style can be made at this stage, for example whether the new clause should be a normal clause or a heading.

The Hide Number check box controls whether the clause number is displayed or not. This can be useful for adding sections of text to supplement clause information or in conjunction with inserting new headings. To change the clause back to the default settings, click the Reset button.

Select OK when complete and the clause will be created.