Upon opening NBS Landscape or NBS Building, you may see the following error:

The security.sms file has been found however there were problems retrieving data from it.


NBS Building/Landscape is unable to read the security file on the network, which is likely due to the file size. To resolve this issue please follow these steps:

1. Close down the NBS Building/Landscape software then browse to the security file location.

2. Rename the security.sms file to security.sms.old.

3. Copy the security.sms.tmp file and paste it in the same place - a duplicate should be recreated and renamed to security.sms - copy.tmp.

4. Rename the security.sms - copy.tmp file to security.sms.

5. Reopen NBS Building/Landscape.

PLEASE NOTE: logins are reset back to default. We strongly suggest the password for these default accounts are not amended, unless the user is confident the new password is not forgettable.

Further Information

If users logged in with their own username to access the NBS software, then these will be lost after the reset. You can however recreate them by doing the following:

1. Before following the steps above, launch NBS Building/Landscape and take a screenshot of the usernames in the login box.

2. Follow the steps above to reset the file.

3. Launch the NBS software and log in as an administrator (default password is administrator).

4. Go to Tools > Administrator Tools > User Accounts - here you can re-create the accounts without a password.

5. User's can now select their username in the list and click OK. They can then proceed to create their own password within Tools > Change User Password...