Symptoms / Summary

When you bring in more than one instance of the same Office Master clause, then try to add the system to an Office Master, you get the following error message "Can't add duplicate job clauses to Office Master".


This is creating a circular reference error in Office Masters. To get a better understanding, please take a look at the example video below:

As shown above, one instance of the Office Master clause "Carbon steel top rails for fencing and barriers" was added into the system in the Job. After that, another instance of the same Office Master clause was inserted, thereby creating a Type suffix for each clause (Type A & Type B) to differentiate between the 2 within the Job.

However by duplicate the Office Master clause within the Job, it becomes invalid as the clause item links back to the child clause twice, resulting in the following error message when attempting to add to the Office Master:

If you click on the ‘Show’ dropdown, the program will list the problematic clauses within the Job.


It is always recommended to create Office Masters from the Resources panel if you wish to insert more than one instance of the Office Master clause, as demonstrated in the video below:


This way, the Office Master clauses are already defined and differentiated, and you are able to insert them separately in the Job.