If you were a subscriber to the original NBS software packages, you can convert your files into the new NBS format.

More information

The new preliminaries libraries have been completely restructured to offer a set of preliminaries sections specific to an individual building contract. This means previous preliminaries sections contained clauses for multiple building contracts and those that did not apply to the chosen contract had to be deleted. Therefore the new preliminaries sections are faster to edit and much less likely to contain incorrect clauses.

As a result, no guidance has been provided for previous clauses because preliminaries clauses in the new NBS have been extensively re-authored to be contract specific. As new clauses have been added old clauses cannot be mapped to new ones. NBS Guidance is essential to the accurate completion of clauses and it was felt that it would be inappropriate for NBS to put specifiers in a position of having to edit clauses without the supporting guidance.

Therefore, because of the changes in NBS software, Preliminaries can NOT be converted.


To convert your old specification files:

  • Click Tools > Convert Spec Man 4 / Spec Writer 1.4 File
  • Locate the file to be converted by selecting the first Browse (…) button.  Select the .SMP file and click Open
  • Select the location where the new NBS format file will be saved
  • Click Convert to begin the process.  Once the file has been converted, you will be asked if you wish to open the new file
  • Click Yes and the specification will open.