NBS Building has three libraries of specifications available.
  • Minor Works - available on Minor Works, Abridged, and Full subscriptions.
  • Intermediate - available on Abridged and Full subscriptions.
  • Standard - available on Full subscriptions.

Originally, only the Standard work-section libraries were available. It has since been determined that the level of information & detail could be considered too detailed for smaller scale jobs, and so the content has been edited and/or re-written to account for smaller scale projects. These are the Minor Works and Intermediate libraries. Minor Works sections and clauses for small scale projects and refurbishment, Intermediate containing sections and clauses similar to the more medium scale projects, and Standard aimed at large groups.

As a result, all three worksection groups may have common clauses and sections, but the level of detail and amount of content will vary between them. As an example let us look at section L10 Windows/Rooflights/Screens/Louvres.

Within Minor Works, this contains 22 clauses and primarily refers to the Windows themselves, providing a basic level of information easily suitable for smaller projects.
Within Standard, this contains around 50 clauses and includes much more detail such as procurement, frames and secondary glazing. This would be much better for larger projects.

Clauses in Minor works Work Sections are all 2 digit numbers, whereas clauses in Intermediate and Standard libraries are all 3 digits.

It is important to take into account that Standard may not include all sections. An example is electrical clauses - both Minor Works and Intermediate contain a domestic level V90 Electrical Systems, but Standard does not as projects of that size would require a dedicated electrical engineering specification.