There are two auto save features in NBS Building and NBS Landscape. These settings are found in the Tools menu > My Settings.


Create backup files

  • This will save a second version of your NBS file with an extension of ".bak"
  • This setting is enabled by default
  • It applies to all document types; specifications, preliminaries and office standards
  • The .bak file is updated when you save. 

How to recover your NBS document from the backup (.bak) file

You may need to recover your NBS document if for example it was accidentally deleted or has become corrupt. The .bak file will be a copy of the original NBS file at the last save point.

  1. Copy the .bak file and paste it. This will give you two versions of the .bak file
  2. Rename the copy taking out the 'copy of' and changing the file extension from .bak to the extension of the original document (.spec, .prlm, .stdspec, .stdprlm)
  3. Open the file in NBS.

Auto save prompt

  • This will remind you to save your work
  • The auto save prompt is disabled by default
  • Enable it by applying the radio button and set the time interval that you want the software to remind you to save.

NBS Spec KB10037_2