When starting your NBS Software the following error message is displayed:


'It would appear that you do not have the following library file(s) within your resources folder'



When the software first loads up, it attempts to locate the Resources folder which contains the library files for the software. If you see this error message, the software cannot locate the correct library files to function properly.

NOTE: the number of files can differ depending on what files are missing in the Resources folder.



There may be a few reasons why the software is displaying this error message. Please check the following:

  • If you are aware of another machine working fine, go to Tools > My Settings and select the File Locations tab, make a note of the path for NBS Libraries Location, then go back to the affected machine and compare the locations. You should configure the path to the same location.

  • If your software accesses the library files from a network, please check your network has no connection problems.

  • If your software is installed as standalone, please go to Tools > My Settings, select the File Locations tab, and change the NBS Libraries Location to the default path of: C:\Program Files\NBS\*NBS Product*\Resources. For a 64-bit machine, it will be in C:\Program Files (x86)\...

     (Note: *NBS Product* being either NBS Building or NBS Landscape)

After these checks, restart your NBS Software.

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