User accounts are very beneficial in NBS Building and NBS Landscape. It is fine to log in with the 'user' account (which has no password) but if you usually write specifications in collaboration with a colleague or team we recommend each user has their own unique profile. This way you can keep track of who has done what in the specification by way of the section revision history. This is an audit trail showing who has made changes for each section.

Within the software you can add, remove and amend usernames and passwords.

More information

To make or change usernames and passwords log into NBS as an administrator. The default login is: 

Username: administrator
Password: administrator

To open the 'User Accounts' window select Tools > Administration Tools > User Accounts. Please note this menu option is greyed out for non-administrators.

These following options will become active for you to select once you have clicked on a username:

  1. To add a new user, select the Add button
  2. To delete a user, select the username and click on the Remove button
  3. To give a normal user administrator access, select the Grant Admin option. The user's status in the 'Administrator?' field will change to 'Yes' and the user will now be displayed with a blue hat. That user has now been granted administrative status
  4. To remove a user’s administrative access, click on the username and click on the Revoke Admin button. That user will no longer have administrative access
  5. To clear the current password of a user, click on the username and click Clear Password.
    Note: after clearing the password the user can log in as themselves and re-set their password should they wish to. This is done in in the Tools menu > Change User Password.