When a user signs in to NBS Create a seat token is used. This can result in other users being unable to access the software. There is a way to remove other users from their current seats. This is done from the license manager.


To access the license manager:


Go to the Manage tab at the top of your screen, then select licenses and users.

Note: If you cannot sign into the program due to full seats, select the option to open in Read Only mode first. Please be aware you can only remove seats if you are logged in as an 'Administrator'.


To release a user from an active library seat:


  1. Find the user you wish to release from a library seat.
  2. Select the green tick button on the library you wish to remove the user from.



3. On the popup dialog, select the computer name which you wish to free a seat from and click the Free these seats button.

4. The user will be removed from the library seat.