The security.sms file contains the login information for the program and sometimes when you launch the software it may prompt you to locate the file:


Generally this could be down to one of 2 reasons:

1. The software is pointing to an older location on the server and therefore the path needs to be re-pointed to the new location.

2. The software requires an update which has fixed an issue where the security.sms file in its default location has been unpacked only as a .tmp file, making it unreadable.

Resolution for point 1

Simply click on OK and you'll be prompted to browse for the security.sms file:


Once you have clicked on the Open button, the program will prompt you to restart the software:


Resolution for point 2 

Previously the user would have to manually edit the security file by making a copy of the .tmp file and pasting it in the same location (making security.sms - copy.tmp), then renaming the copied version to security.sms.

The Development team have since worked and updated the software which resolves this issue - you can download the latest version from our Downloads page.

The latest version of the software (when installed) creates a Config folder in the user's local machine (location C:\Program Files (x86)\NBS\NBS Building\Config) which contains an Admin.config file. This file contains the following 3 paths which update the machines registry keys:

  • NBS Libraries Location
  • Security File Location
  • Office Settings File Location

You can manually edit this file by inserting the correct path within the inverted arrow brackets:


Once edited, save the changes and launch the software.

Further information

After licencing your NBS Software, you may get an error message upon starting the software, stating that you have some missing library files. If this is the case, please have a look at the following article:

It would appear you do not have the following library file(s) in the resources folder

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