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The security.sms file contains the login information for the program and sometimes when you install the software it may prompt you to locate the file.



The security.sms file is located in the Admin folder of your unpack. For Standalone installations, the file is located in C:\Program Files\NBS\NBS Building\Admin. For Network installations, this is where you unpacked to the server i.e. [SERVER]\Program Files\NBS\NBS Building\Admin.

Sometimes when you browse to the location, it may not show up. This is because the file is defaulted as a .tmp file (this can be viewed through your file browser). 


Using your file browser, browse to the location of the file, make a copy of the security.sms.tmp file and paste it in the same location, then rename the copied file to security.sms - don't delete the .tmp files as they are still used if the renamed files become unreadable and corrupt.

When you go back to your NBS software, it will appear to be selected:


Once you have clicked on the Open button, the program will prompt you to restart the software.


Further information

After licencing your NBS Software, you may get an error message upon starting the software, stating that you have some missing library files. If this is the case, please have a look at the following article:

It would appear you do not have the following library file(s) in the resources folder

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