This guide will detail the steps required to migrate a traditional network installation of NBS Building and Landscape from an existing server to a new one.

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  1. Where possible maintain the same folder structure and drive mappings on the new server as on the existing server. This will minimise any errors when running the software on the new server.

  2. Ensure that the shared folder where you will be hosting the NBS files on the new server has a minimum of Read, Write and Modify permissions for all users who will be accessing the software.

  3. Log in to an existing client installation of the software, click Tools > Licence Status and make a note of the existing licence location (you will need this later).

  4. Also whilst logged into the software click Help > About NBS [Software name] and click the Lib Path button. This will give you the path to the libraries location. Take a note of the start of this path before "Program Files". This is the location of your NBS network folder. E.g. X:\Specification Software\Program Files\NBS\NBS Building\Resources


  1. Copy the contents of the current NBS network folder (point 4 above)(this will be identified by the presence of Program Files, Common, Fonts and System directories plus a number of loose files in the root of this folder) over to the new server.

  2. The licence files are server specific so will not be valid on the new server. Navigate to the location of the licence files and delete the following files from the new server – NBSBuild.ini, NBSBuild.ctf, NBSBuild.sdb and any bak.* versions of these files.

  3. Before disconnecting or decommissioning your old server, you will need to call NBS Software Support to de-activate the existing licence files.

  4. Re-map your drive to the new server and contact NBS Software Support to relicence to your new server. (Steps 3 & 4 may be completed together dependent on your circumstances).

  5. Remap the drive on other work stations.

Updating your libraries:

  1. In some circumstances, it may be that the libraries within your NBS software may be out of date (we update the content of the software three times per year). This is often highlighted when migrating to a new server and is often a good opportunity to ensure that your libraries are up to date.

  2. If your libraries are out of date and need updating you can download the latest version of the software from Downloads.

  3. When the download is complete, extract the files from the zipped folder and follow the installation guide.