Do you think your NBS Create specification is too long?

Before looking at options for educating the client or contractor on reading specifications, there are various ways of reducing the length of your document to create a more concise and clear specification. The following guidelines may describe features of NBS Create that you may not be aware of.

Look at our video on reducing the length of your specification.

1 - Using the duplicating clauses option in the print options

In NBS Create you can share clauses between systems using the ‘As clause’ function, rather than having to input the information several times across your job. In 2017, we introduced a new function within the clauses section in the print options allowing you work with repeated or shared clauses (this feature is only available in version 1.7 or later). You have the option for the clause to be appear once in the document, this will display shared clauses information in the first system and refer back to that shared clause from other systems if you have many shared clauses. This can reduce the length of your specification significantly but still having the same level of information.


2 - Good specification writing

If a specification is written badly it can cause major problems for every member of the construction team, and can cost the client a great deal of money. If the specification is well written it can enhance project delivery for the whole construction team while saving money.

Read this article on the benefits of master specifications to learn more about how you can be more efficient in writing specifications within your organisation.

3 - Detailing manufacturer objects

We have a free to access library of Manufacturers and their products within all our software packages. NBS Plus allows you to add specific pre-authored manufacturer and product information. By using the ‘Add product’ or ‘Add to job’ button it adds the relevant information to your specification which can then be used by the contractor.

See our support video on how to add manufacturer products from NBS Plus.

If the manufacturer or product you are looking for is not in NBS Plus, you may need to add the manufacturer and product details manually. If you receive a product catalogue or in-depth details of the products, all of this information does not necessarily need to be added to the specification and may unnecessarily lengthen your document. For many products, the only details needed within the specification is the manufacturer name, contact details and a product reference.

When a specific manufacturer is not available in the NBS Plus panel, you may add manufacturer’s through the custom manufacturer tool. This is recommended over typing the manufacturer details straight into the specification, custom manufacturers are still listed in the manufacturer report and will still appear when exporting to COBie format.

See our video on adding a custom manufacturer.

4 - Export to Microsoft Word

The export to Microsoft Word option via the print wizard provides you with additional options for customising your published document.  Microsoft Word enables you to change the margin sizes, change the orientation, amend line spacing and insert columns which can help to reduce the size of the document. Note that we do not recommend editing the clause text in the Microsoft Word document and that this should only be done in NBS Create.

Watch our support video on how to export to Microsoft Word from NBS Create.

For further examples, please see our sample specifications page.