The NBSLink Plugin for Graphisoft ArchiCAD (Windows) allows you to link your NBS Specification* with your ArchiCAD model. ArchiCAD users can get this tool through their Graphisoft UK account managers.

*Compatible with NBS CreateNBS BuildingNBS Landscape and NBS Scheduler.

More Information

To annotate your NBS specification in Graphisoft ArchiCAD please follow these steps:

1. Select Document>Annotation>NBS Annotation>Select Specification

1 Select Specification

2. Select your NBS Specification

2 Select Specification

3. Select Document>Annotation>NBS Annotation>Place Annotation

3 Place Annotation

4. Highlight the system in the specification that you would like to annotate. E.g. Window system

4 NBS Annotator

5. Your drawing will now be labelled with the appropriate annotation.
5 Place Annotation

This video also demonstrates how you can use the NBSLink plug-in with Graphisoft ArchiCAD.