Frequently asked questions about the NBS Beta Test Programme

Why do NBS Beta Test their products?

NBS have a formal and rigorous test programme for every release of our online and desktop product range. A dedicated NBS QA team works closely with our development teams to test each new version of the product. To complement our internal testing, NBS also ask that members of the current beta testing programme provide 'real world' feedback about the latest version. This feedback is then reviewed and appropriate action taken before the product is released to market. Together we can ensure that our product range is of the highest quality and is suitable for release to market.

How do we use NBS Beta Test feedback?

Beta Testing feedback from each participant and the BTP Forum is collated and documented per beta testing cycle. A summary report is then generated and actions agreed. NBS use an advanced issue tracking system to track comments and testing feedback from customers and staff alike and beta testing feedback is entered into this system. Additional feedback is stored within our intranet for future use.

Information in this system is reviewed prior to the start of each development cycle that leads up to the release of a new version of the product.

I use a Mac or Apple mobile device, can I test?

The BTP Server has been setup to allow Mac users to connect via a remote desktop package and test all hosted NBS products without MS Windows being installed on either Mac BootCamp or Parallels. Please contact us for further details.

What was the pilot NBS Beta Test Programme?

The pilot Beta Test Programme began in Autumn 2005, successfully generating constructive feedback for a number of our desktop products including NBS Building, NBS Contract Administrator and NBS Scheduler. Partly due to the success of this pilot, NBS decided to significantly expand the programme to include many more members representing a broad range of practices.

What are the plans for the Beta Test Programme?

As described above, NBS have expanded the Beta Test Programme to include an increased number of products with many more members from a broad range of practices. We also now offer new ways for customers to provide ongoing product development feedback through remote testing via WebEx, the beta test server and the Beta Test Forum.

If you have a question and it is not answered here, then please contact David Morris (NBS Chorus) or Gary Finnigan (Manufacturers).

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