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Things to note in this Beta

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Get involved

Thank you for your interest in Uniclass 2015 support in NBS Create (ProjectU15).

Become part of a dedicated group of testers who will help guide our development in this area and integrate Uniclass 2015 output into current workflow.

Those that can commit a little time to test and feedback will be invited to test subsequent versions as development continues.

Interested, available or can nominate an available colleague? Contact me now to arrange a test slot.

What is ProjectU15

ProjectU15 continues our work with NBS Create users to understand how their specification requirements have evolved in relation to Uniclass 2015. Research has included surveys, discussion groups, webinars, one to one meetings, concept, design and feature reviews.

Earlier this year we enhanced NBS Create to include Uniclass 2015 codes within COBie export.

Guided by NBS Beta customer feedback, we have now progressed to the next phase of developments with a series of Uniclass 2015 output features.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated and will help shape the development of ProjectU15.

Feedback is paramount

The feedback-timescale is critical. Information gathered during a test cycle will drive the direction and feature set of future Beta releases for use on Uniclass 2015 projects.

To deliver Beta releases quickly and without interfering with your practice subscription or files, I have setup Virtual Machines on Microsoft’s virtualisation platform, Azure®.

This means you will access the latest Beta with zero impact on specification work in progress.

Your feedback from testing will shape early-release builds, some of which will be made available exclusively to you to use live ahead of the rest of the customer base. These early-release builds will then form larger updates for the industry.

Beta bar: Your direct communication channel for ProjectU15


Things to note in this Beta:


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