NBS Cost Tracking

NBS Cost Tracking is a free tool installed as part of a suite of programs called NBS Tools. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows.

NBS Tools


Supported Operating Systems

(32-bit and 64-bit) updated with the latest service pack:
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
Hardware requirements
  • Processor 2.0GHz - Highest affordable speed rating recommended
  • Memory 4GB
Pre-requisites for NBS Building, NBS Landscape, NBS Contract Administrator and NBS Tools
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Full
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

Pre-requisites for NBS Scheduler and NBS Engineering Services

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Other Requirements

  • Internet connection: Broadband connection required (NBS Create only)
  • Network file storage: NBS support Microsoft Windows Server (current versions). Data caching servers such as Talon drives are not supported by any NBS Products. 
  • Citrix Environment and Virtual Desktops: Citrix and Virtual Desktops are not supported for any NBS Products.
  • Cloud Storage: We do not recommend installing NBS or storing your specifications or licences on any form of Cloud storage as NBS Create requires a constant connection to the files location.


NBS products and services can be run on the Apple Mac under Apple Boot Camp and with Windows emulation software.

We have tested all NBS software (NBS Create, NBS Building, NBS Landscape, NBS Engineering Services, NBS Scheduler and NBS Contract Administrator) successfully using Apple Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop software.

Both options require a licence of Microsoft Windows as outlined above.