Getting started with NBS Create and wanting to pick up product related terminology quickly? This is a quick guide to help, with links to further information and resources, if there is anything missing from this list please don’t hesitate to contact us.


As clause 

‘As clause’ is a function available from clause drop-down menus, allowing you to add a clause that is not usually associated with the system you are working in. For example if you would like to add carpet tiles to a wall tiling system. Have a look at this video demonstrating how to cross reference using ‘as clause’ to bring content into your job.

Clause item

A clause item describes a bullet point or line in a clause. Individual clause items can be deleted or parked; you are also able to add additional, user-created clause items to clauses.

Contractor’s choice/design

Contractor’s choice/design are options available from clause drop down menus. These options allow you to leave specification decisions to the contractor carrying out the job..

All clauses that have been marked contractor’s choice/design can be seen in the Contractor Decision report available in the Review tab.

Custom manufacturer

When a specific manufacturer or product is not available from NBS Plus, you can add manufacturer’s information via the custom manufacturer function. This is recommended rather typing the manufacturer details straight into the specification, as custom manufacturers are listed in the Manufacturers report and will appear when exporting to COBie format.

See our video on adding a custom manufacturer.


The guidance panel is available on the right hand side of the NBS Create interface and provides important and useful information to help you make decisions and to use the specification clauses. The guidance automatically synchronises with on the clause that is selected.

See this video on how to make the most out of the guidance panel in NBS Create.


Milestones in NBS Create is a function which enables you to take a snapshot view of the whole of your job at any point in time (for example the various plan of work stages, or just before you update a job). You are also able to compare the milestones within the software, as display Milestone information in the exported document. Take a look at this video explaining how milestone functionality works.

NBS Plus

NBS Plus is a library of manufacturer products which you can use to directly bring product information into your job.

See this video on how to add specific manufacturers and products to your job using NBS Plus.

Office Master

Office masters are clauses and systems that you have edited and developed which can be saved and made available to all users on your license, allowing them to be added to any job that your organisation develops. This allows you to save time producing projects and specifications, as well as helping to achieve more consistency in the documents produced in your office.

Have a look at this Office Master video series.


The Resources panel in NBS Create is the area from where you can search, browse and select content to add to your specification.System Outline

The System Outline clause is an overview of the main considerations for a typical system. It is laid out as a series of bullet points or clause items which prompt the inclusion of information about the system.


It is possible to view more than one clause of the same type as a schedule. This presents clauses in a tabular format and can be useful for comparing similar clauses in one place. For example you may have multiple clauses in one project describing the different types of radiator in the project, these can be viewed and compared via a Schedule.


Section describes a level in the NBS Create classification hierarchy. It the level that describes a number of similar systems, for example 20-50-90 Unit paving systems.


A stylesheet is a file that you can export from the printing and exporting area of NBS Create. By using stylesheets you are able to save print settings (for example, headers, footers, fonts, colours etc.) and import these into future projects, creating a more consistent look for your NBS Create documents and also saving time.

View this video on how to create and use stylesheets in NBS Create.

Submit proposals

Submit proposals is a value that can be selected in many clauses, it can be used to indicate contractor’s responsibility for selecting and submitting information about the project. This value if selected will display in the Contractor Decision report.


A system in NBS Create describes a collection of linked or related products, materials or components. A specification developed in NBS Create is organised as a number of systems describing architectural, structural, landscape and services content.


Visualise provides an overview of a system developed in NBS Create. This view enables you to see the system outline clause in the centre of the view with the connected performance, product, execution, completion and facility management clauses. You can double click on the clause title to view the full clause.