NBS Create network performance and optimisation

When you first get started with NBS Create, performing tasks such as opening systems in the editor and adding clauses from the drop down menus will be completed instantly.

As your specification becomes more detailed, you may experience certain actions taking longer. If this does happen there will be a number of contributing factors. This knowledge base article aims to help you identify what the cause(s) may be and help you to optimise the performance of NBS Create.

Identifying the cause(s)

The performance of NBS Create will be affected by:
  • The number of systems and clauses in the specification file
  • The software version of NBS Create
  • The speed of your network
  • The number of users editing the same specification at the same time
  • Working across a network

If the specification you are working on is saved on your network it may result in NBS Create performing more slowly as it will be limited by the speed of your network. To investigate this, copy the specification file to your desktop, open it from here and compare the time it takes to perform the same tasks from both locations. If you find there is a significant difference we recommend you speak with your Network Administrator.

Editing the specification collaboratively

The greater the number of users editing the same specification at the same time and the speed of your network will impair the performance of NBS Create. This means it will take longer to perform tasks such as opening and closing systems and adding clauses.

How many users can work on the same specification at the same time?

Under the network conditions we have tested, NBS Create will allow up to 12 users to edit the same specification at the same time when the network connection is 100Mbps. If the network connection is slower this will reduce the number of users that can work on the same specification collaboratively. In our tests, a network connection of 6Mbps supported up to five users. 

Network connection Number of concurrent users using NBS Create
Wide Area Network (6Mbps) Up to 5
Wide Area Network (100Mbps) Up to 12

These benchmarks were reached by testing on machines with the following specification:
  • Windows 7
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2.80GHz
  • 400GB HDD

The specification we tested this on had 400 systems with a file size of 21MB.

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