NBS Create

You are able to learn how to use NBS Create via an online eLearning course developed by our specialist training team. The eLearning course allows you to learn at a time and pace convenient to you, it is accredited by the RIBA and on completion you will receive a CPD certificate. The course is broken down into 17 modules, with each module focusing on a particular function or task. Every module includes a short demonstration, an interactive tutorial and a quiz allowing you to learn and check your understanding of the topics covered.

Before you get started with the eLearning, please watch this short video which will explain how to use the modules.

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An introductory module describing the main parts of the user interface.
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Using and understanding the available options for setting up a new job.

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Entering Job Details information to define the job, select contract-specific content, recording documents and defining spaces.

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Developing the specification by adding systems to the job.

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Other methods of adding content to the job.
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Creating, editing and exporting a summary specification from a job.

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Using and editing the System Outline clause to develop the systems.

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Editing clauses by parking and creating new clause items.

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Editing clauses by selecting NBS values, creating office values and inserting hyperlinks.
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Linking clauses within and across systems.

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Creating links to documents in the specification and adding locations to clauses and systems.

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Adding product clauses from NBS Plus into the specification and adding Custom Manufacturers.
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Converting multiple similar clauses into a tabular format for ease of comparison and understanding.
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Creating comparison points and backup files for the job at different stages to monitor changes and compare versions of the document.
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Creating and sharing new clauses and systems, also covers adding user guidance notes to a clause.

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Filtering your job content and enabling information to be extracted via a number of useful reports.

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Using the print page to export and print the document in a variety of formats.
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System Requirements

NBS eLearning supports Internet Explorer (v9 and above), Safari and Chrome. You will also require headphones or speakers in order to listen to the commentary and instructions.

Terms and conditions

Please note that by accessing and using NBS e-Learning you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.

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