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03 July 2017 | by

The video explains milestone functionality and when you would use them within your project.

03 July 2017 | by

This video explains how in NBS Create you can add specific manufacturers and products to your job using NBS Plus, and how you can cross reference sections. 

03 July 2017 | by

This video explains how you can add content that is not typically related to the clause item that you are currently editing by using the functions within the cross reference group.

15 June 2017 | by

The article details how NBS Create exports office master clauses, user notes and office values to the Office Master Content Index.

12 June 2017 | by

Working with Office Masters in NBS Create. Our user guide covers creating, tagging, editing and deleting Office Masters.

24 April 2017 | by

Why the NBS Plus ‘Add Product’ and ‘Add To Job’ buttons are greyed out in NBS Create.

20 April 2017 | by

This article describes why the menu options to "Create an Office Master" and "Add to Office Master" are greyed out and unavailable.

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