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22 September 2017 | by

A video exploring the NBS Guidance panel in NBS Create, showing how information within the panel can help inform and advise while writing a specification document.

05 September 2017 | by

A guide to getting started with our Head of Customer Support, Tim Bellhouse. He gives a general guide to the user interface, the main functions, and some useful hints and tips along the way.

03 July 2017 | by

This video explainshow to to start editing your job in NBS Create by using the resources panel and demonstrates a breakdown of the different information required within each system.

03 July 2017 | by

This video explains how to create an outline specification which is a summary of all the systems included in your job and can be printed.

03 July 2017 | by

This video explains how to start editing your specification project starting with the job details section in NBS Create.

03 July 2017 | by

This video introduces you to the user interface and explains the main functions and tools you need to get started in NBS Create.

03 July 2017 | by

This video explains how to get started on your specification project in NBS Create and what different options you have at this early stage.

24 April 2017 | by

Why the NBS Plus ‘Add Product’ and ‘Add To Job’ buttons are greyed out in NBS Create.

30 July 2016 | by

This is a short guide with some things to consider when setting up your Office Masters in NBS Create.

20 June 2016 | by

A video for contractors who read and use NBS Create specifications, going into specific detail of the classification and clause numbering used and also how to navigate and use a document produced in NBS Create.

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