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30 July 2016 | by

This is a short guide with some things to consider when setting up your Office Masters in NBS Create.

20 June 2016 | by

A video for contractors who read and use NBS Create specifications, going into specific detail of the classification and clause numbering used and also how to navigate and use a document produced in NBS Create.

30 October 2015 | by

Over 20,000 product specifications from more than 600 construction manufacturers can be found in the NBS Plus panel of the NBS Create.

27 August 2015 | by

Sometimes NBS Create can run slower than expected - this article addresses what can be done and what steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

26 August 2015 | by

NBS Create requires an internet connection to create and edit specifications. This article has more information.

25 August 2015 | by

This article describes what information is saved locally on NBS Create, and what is stored online.

25 August 2015 | by

This article explains why child clauses in NBS Create are removed from all duplicated systems when removed from an individual system.

28 August 2013 | by

The managed install allows the network administrator to apply NBS Create as a Group Policy to selected users or machines using the Active Directory in Windows Server.

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