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01 May 2018 | by

In this article we provide guidelines on how you can reduce the length of your NBS Create specification, making it more concise, clear, and easier for your clients to read.

16 February 2017 | by

When adding a Manufacturer System in NBS Create, you get the error message ‘Unable to set the Manufacturer clause item’.

04 November 2016 | by

This article describes an scenario within NBS Create that can generate a DPAPI error message.

08 December 2015 | by

A video to explain why job locks appear, and how to view and remove them within your NBS Create specification.

22 October 2015 | by

A video to explain how to check for broken links within your specification document and also how to remove them in NBS Create.

27 August 2015 | by

This article describes an issue where you may see an error message in NBS Create stating "This job is already open on this computer".

27 August 2015 | by

Sometimes NBS Create can run slower than expected - this article addresses what can be done and what steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

27 August 2015 | by

Within NBS Create, if you click on the pull down menu after creating a new clause, the user created clause will be removed.

26 August 2015 | by

This article explains what happens to your NBS Create Specification in the event of a software crash.

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