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15 June 2017 | by

The article details how NBS Create exports office master clauses, user notes and office values to the Office Master Content Index.

05 April 2017 | by

The article details how NBS Create exports data in the specification to a COBie compatible document.

03 April 2017 | by

This video shows how to add a custom manufacturer into your specification and how to edit existing custom manufacturers.

12 January 2017 | by

A quick guide to how you can reduce the length of your specification document using various print settings, in particular the repeated clause option available in version 1.7.0

12 August 2016 | by

This article describes an issue with NBS Create 1.6.1, where you may see "Object reference not set in an instance of an object" when open opening or publishing a specification.

07 March 2016 | by

Frequently asked questions about exporting your NBS Create specification to Microsoft Word.

29 January 2016 | by

Issue identified whereby printing cross references or the ‘shared by’ label in NBS Create does not list all of the systems that use the clause.

08 January 2016 | by

An issue in NBS Create where loading another user's stylesheet into the Print menu does not display any included logos correctly

11 December 2015 | by

Top tips for recording milestones and publishing revisions in NBS Create.

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