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18 September 2018 | by

This article explains how to release a seat within NBS Create

29 May 2018 | by

A guide to using the search job contents feature. In this video we explain how you can search across your entire specification so you can find specific information quickly. This includes searching for product, system or section titles, single letters, to find type suffixes for example and using the Uniclass 2 classification codes.

01 May 2018 | by

In this article we provide guidelines on how you can reduce the length of your NBS Create specification, making it more concise, clear, and easier for your clients to read.

16 October 2017 | by

A guide on how to create and use Office Master tags. In this video we explain why Office Master tags are used and show how to add and edit office master tags. We also show how this can be useful when duplicating systems or clauses for different uses.

16 October 2017 | by

A guide on how to edit Office Masters and what effects this has on jobs that include these Office Masters. In this video we show opening a published office master, how to see if updates exist on Office Masters in your job, using the guidance to advise on decision making and how to update your specification to keep it in line with the Office Master.

16 October 2017 | by

A guide on how to update an Office Master and why you would see update notifications. In this video we show how to view updates to Office Masters, how you would update Office Masters from the Resources or from the update report and how the guidance helps to advise on dealing with updates.

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