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20 June 2016 | by

A video for contractors who read and use NBS Create specifications, going into specific detail of the classification and clause numbering used and also how to navigate and use a document produced in NBS Create.

08 December 2015 | by

A video to explain why job locks appear, and how to view and remove them within your NBS Create specification.

22 October 2015 | by

A video to explain how to check for broken links within your specification document and also how to remove them in NBS Create.

27 August 2015 | by

What does "The system is being edited by..." mean and how to remove locks in NBS Create. 

16 July 2015 | by

A video describing how to bring clauses from other parts of the classification into your specification using the 'As Clause' feature in NBS Create.

08 July 2015 | by

How to view matching clauses in a table or 'schedule' view in NBS Create.  

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