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29 May 2018 | by

A guide to using the search job contents feature. In this video we explain how you can search across your entire specification so you can find specific information quickly. This includes searching for product, system or section titles, single letters, to find type suffixes for example and using the Uniclass 2 classification codes.

22 September 2017 | by

A video exploring the NBS Guidance panel in NBS Create, showing how information within the panel can help inform and advise while writing a specification document.

05 September 2017 | by

A guide to getting started with our Head of Customer Support, Tim Bellhouse. He gives a general guide to the user interface, the main functions, and some useful hints and tips along the way.

03 July 2017 | by

This video explains how to get started on your specification project in NBS Create and what different options you have at this early stage.

03 July 2017 | by

This video explains how to create an outline specification which is a summary of all the systems included in your job and can be printed.

03 July 2017 | by

This video introduces you to the user interface and explains the main functions and tools you need to get started in NBS Create.

03 July 2017 | by

How to add content to your job by clause, view the content of your job and use filters to find exactly what you are looking.

03 July 2017 | by

This video explainshow to to start editing your job in NBS Create by using the resources panel and demonstrates a breakdown of the different information required within each system.

03 July 2017 | by

This video explains how to start editing your specification project starting with the job details section in NBS Create.

03 July 2017 | by

This video explains how to park and unpark your clauses, how to create new clause items within your system and how to move clause items within the system in NBS Create.

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