NBS Engineering Services

You can download NBS Engineering Services immediately.

Download NBS Engineering Services

Standalone installation

For users with a standalone licence or want to run the program while away from the office over a virtual private network (VPN).
New standalone installation (.pdf, 0.2Mb ) download
Update an existing standalone installation (.pdf, 0.1mb) download

Network installation

For users with a network licence who want to install the program for a number of users who can all access the same local server.
New network installation (.pdf, 0.2mb) download
Update an existing network installation (.pdf, 0.1mb) download

Managed installation

For system administrator who want to roll the program out by group policy using the .msi provided.
New managed installation (.pdf, 0.1mb) download
Update an existing managed installation (.pdf, 0.2mb) download

Autodesk Revit

If you use Autodesk® Revit®, you can also download the NBS Plug-in which allows direct linkage between NBS, Autodesk Revit and the NBS National BIM Library at an object-to-object level.

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