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23 November 2018 | by
A recent Windows 10 update introduced an option that is currently not compatible with NBS Building or NBS Landscape. We recommend you switch this option off when using these products.
08 May 2018 | by
A guide to getting started with Tommy Hodgson, one of our NBS Trainers. He gives a general guide to the NBS Building user interface, the main functions, and some useful hints and tips along the way.
01 May 2018 | by
In this article we provide guidelines on how you can reduce the length of your NBS Building or NBS Landscape specification, making it more concise, clear, and easier for your clients to read.
17 April 2018 | by

A guide to exporting sections of your specification to PDF format. In this video, we show you how to easily export all sections, a selection of sections or reports to individual PDFs, including how to add a your company stylesheet in the process. This function is available in version 5.6.4 or later.

04 October 2015 | by

The 'Details of amended clauses' not displayed in the published document in the 1st revision for NBS Building, NBS Landscape and NBS Engineering Services.

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