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31 May 2017 | by

A guide to exporting your document to the various formats available as well as a quick demonstration of the formatting options. In this video, we show which sections and reports can be exported and how to customise your document by changing margins, adding headers and footers, page numbers, and your company logo for example.

31 May 2017 | by

A guide on how to create a style sheet to save time when publishing and to create a consistent image for your company. In this video, we show, inserting a logo, changing the font, adding page numbers and saving a stylesheet in NBS Building and NBS Landscape.

17 August 2016

When exporting a specification to PDF in NBS Building and NBS Landscape you get an error: 'Error printing document. Error message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'

23 June 2016 | by

This article explains how to Export an NBS Landscape Specification to Microsoft Word.

05 May 2016 | by

Frequently asked questions about exporting your NBS Landscape specification to Microsoft Word.

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