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23 November 2018 | by
A recent Windows 10 update introduced an option that is currently not compatible with NBS Building or NBS Landscape. We recommend you switch this option off when using these products.
21 September 2018 | by
This article explains how you can edit the officesettings.xml file within NBS Building, NBS Engineering Services and NBS Landscape. It is mainly aimed for users who have a network setup and have access to the same locations on the server.
01 May 2018 | by
In this article we provide guidelines on how you can reduce the length of your NBS Building or NBS Landscape specification, making it more concise, clear, and easier for your clients to read.
11 July 2017 | by

This article explains how to adjust the way the NBS software is displayed on screen.

30 May 2017 | by

The NBSLink Plugin for Graphisoft ArchiCAD (Windows) allows you to link your NBS Specification* with your ArchiCAD model.

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