The NBS online viewer allows you to view a model and NBS Create specification in a web browser. 

To use NBS online viewer you will need:

  1. Files to upload

    Both Autodesk Revit .RVT and .IFC models are supported and specifications written using NBS Create .SPEX. Ideally these files should be linked so objects in the model are associated to clauses in the specification.

    Note: As long as you have the files you do not need a licence for either Autodesk Revit or NBS Create to use the viewer.
  2. A NBS BIM Toolkit project

    This functionality may be accessed from any project within the NBS BIM Toolkit.
    Log into or register and create a project on NBS BIM Toolkit.

Preferred desktop browsers

The browser needs to support WebGL-canvas. These include:

  • Google Chrome 50+
  • Mozilla Firefox 45+
  • Opera 37+
  • Apple Safari 9+
  • Microsoft Edge 20+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Internet connection

The faster the connection the better your experience.

The NBS online viewer runs in a web browser. JavaScript files are downloaded as are compressed assets to render the model in the web browser. 

We recommend a minimum typical home broadband speed at least for a good experience.