The NBS software includes a wizard to help and guide you through printing or exporting your document. The wizard allows you apply different styles and settings to your document.

More information

When a new document is created the default style and options are automatically applied to it. These settings include fonts, table of contents, headers & footers and margins. Once a document has been created, you can easily modify any of the current settings.

To print or export a document:
  1. Open the required document
  2. From the menu, select File > Print wizard, or to export File > Export wizard
  3. The wizard dialog box will appear, allowing you to adjust the content, layout, styles, headers and footers.


The Content tab allows you to select the areas of the document you would like to print/export.

Choosing All Sections will include all clauses and all pending clauses. Select this option if you wish to print/export the entire document.

Choosing Selection of Sections will allow you to pick and choose the sections.

Choosing Reports will allow you to print/ export one of the following reports:

  1. Contract Administrator's Action Report lists the activities required of Contract Administrator with regard to exchange of information, approval of samples etc.
  2. Main Contractor's Action Report lists the activities required of Main Contractor with regard to exchange of information, approval of samples etc.
  3. Maintenance Log lists all clauses which show a maintenance requirement for the building
  4. Manufacturer's Product Report lists all clauses containing a product
  5. Health and Safety Considerations lists issues in clauses which need consideration when preparing the Pre-Tender Health and Safety Plan.


Selecting Show Default Title Page automatically generates a title page, containing the document title and current date. Show Custom allows you to choose your own title page, please note this must be in Rich Text File. To have no title page in your document select the Hide Title age option.

Selecting Contents Page automatically generates a paginated table of contents at the beginning of the document. Selecting Separator Page Between Groups automatically generates a blank separator page in between each group included in document.

Display Header and Footer on:

Title Page - will apply headers and footers on the Title page.

Contents Page - will apply headers and footers on each page of the table of contents.

Separator Page - will apply headers and footers on each of the separator pages.

Continuous Numbering From Page - if the printed or exported document is to form part of a larger document you may wish that page numbering starts at a number other than one. Use this option to specify a starting number.

Number Each Section From Page - each section in the printed or exported document will start page numbering from the specified number.

Document Subtitle - will include a document subtitle on the title page.

Section Revision Details - will include the section revision details on the title page.

Section Revision History - will include a section revision history on the section title page.

Details of Amended Clauses - will include any details of clauses that have been amended on the section title page along with their status in that version of the document.


The page margins can be made smaller to maximise the printable area. Decreasing the page margins will increase the amount of information that can fit on a page.

Start Sections on a New Page - will start each work section on a new page.

Warn When Printing Incomplete Clauses - if the document contains any incomplete clauses it will trigger a warning which appears before previewing, printing or exporting.


To use styles you must first select which part of the document you want to amend. You then have the following options:

Font Family - change the font family (Times New Roman, Ariel, etc).

Font Size - change the font size.

Font Style - change the font into bold or italics.

Font Colour - change the font colour.

Underline - add underline to text.

Strikeout - add strikeout to text.

Cash Columns - You can increase or decrease the amount of cash columns that you require, up to a maximum of four. You can edit the width and titles of the cash columns.

Headers/ Footers

The headers and footers tab contains six boxes into which text can either be typed, or into which you can insert fields.

With the appropriate box selected either type the desired text or select one of the options from the buttons in the centre. These buttons have the following effects:

Document Title - inserts the document title defined when you first create the document.

Report Type - inserts the selected report type.

Date - inserts the current date.

Time - inserts the current time.

Page No. - inserts the current page number.

Page x of y - inserts “Page 1 of 20”, “Page 2 of 20”, etc.

Page Total - inserts the total number of pages.

Logo - allows a company logo to be inserted. After clicking on the Logo button, an explorer window will appear for you to browse to the appropriate file. The file must be in BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG or TIFF format.

Section Code - inserts the work section code, e.g. D20.

Section Title - inserts the section title, e.g. Excavating and Filling.

Section Status - inserts the section status, either "Complete", "Incomplete", "Complete, but not signed off", or "Signed off".

Document Subtitle - inserts the document subtitle into the document if it is selected in the layout tab.

Section Revision Date - inserts the section revision date into the document.

Section Revision No. - inserts the current section revision number into the document.

Section Revision Purpose - inserts the last section revision purpose into the document.

Styles and formatting for the inserted headers and footers, including font size and colour can be edited using the formatting options.

Click on the Preview button to see the results, click Apply to save your changes, or click OK to save your changes and close the wizard.