The Specification or Preliminary within NBS Building will not print via the Print Wizard.

NOTE: This only affects NBS Building version 5.6.5.

More Information

When NBS Building is updated to version 5.6.5, there is a problem with the Print Wizard where as soon as you click on Print and choose the output format, it will show only 1 page is being processed then nothing happen afterwards.

This is due to Active Reports not working correctly in the background and therefore not able to execute the print via the Print Wizard.


The Development team have since released a further update to version 5.6.6 (or above) which is available to download here.

Alternatively if you aren't able to download and update the software due to permissions, there is a temporary work around:

  1. When you use the Print Wizard, click on Preview to open the Specification/Preliminary in a Print Preview window. From there, click on Print to print the document.

  2. Use the Export Wizard to export the Specification/Preliminary file into whichever format you wish, then open that document in it's relevant software and print it.