Requirements for online training

Please ensure the following requirements are met. The aim of asking you to provide the items listed is to avoid unnecessary delays or the need to cancel training altogether.

For assistance, please contact Software Support on 0345 456 9594 option 2, or email

Requirements for online training

                * We advise against using chat facility for communication when attending online training – it is far more interactive and less disruptive for other attendees to use a microphone or telephone dial-in to communicate directly with your trainer.

              Requirements for NBS software

              NBS software will run on the following platforms:

              • Windows 8 (8 and above)
                32-bit and 64-bit
              • Windows 7 (Home Premium and above)
                32-bit and 64-bit
              • Windows Vista SP2 (Home Premium and above)
                32-bit and 64-bit
              • Windows XP SP3 (Home)
                32-bit and 64-bit.

              Requirements for NBS Create

              NBS Create requires the following components:

              • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Full
              • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
              • An internet connection.