NBS Create you save your changes as you edit your specification. However, this does not apply to the office master editor.

The office master editor continues to auto-save your work as you go. More specifically, it saves after every clause is brought into the editor. However, it does not save automatically when you type free text into a clause.

There needs to be a connection between NBS Create and the NBS servers for this to work.

In the event that the program closes abruptly, or you lose your internet connection, the last clause you brought in successfully will be saved. Any free text you have entered since the last clause was brought in will be lost.

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Although they look the same, the specification editor and the office masters editor work differently.

The office master editor auto-saves your work as you go.

As you add clauses in the office master editor, these are automatically saved to the office masters database.

If you close the office master editor without clicking 'Save as draft' or 'Publish', NBS Create will automatically save your work as a draft office master. It will appear in the Resources panel with the grey rosette icon.

Officemaster save

However, any standard text that you enter is not automatically saved back. For example, if you enter text into the Description field and the program closes abruptly, or you lose your internet connection before saving as draft or publishing, this text will be lost.

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